25th September 2009: Being in Love – Lecture

The C.G. Jung Society of Perth presents:

Being in Love: A Path of Transformation:

Mary Lockett Theatre, QEII Medical Centre,
Caladenia St, Nedlands
(entrance off Monash Ave and Hampden Rd. round-about)
Parking in Car Park #3. (Road Map: Lecture theatres = Building P)

Friday, 25 Sept. 7:30 pm

Relationships may be notoriously difficult, confusing, disillusioning, but they also have the potential to make us face up to ourselves in alarmingly challenging ways. They may help liberate us from defensive psychological doldrums into new realms of discovery of who we might be and become under all the deceits and disguises we use to cover our own nature and that of our beloved.

The path of true love does not always run smoothly, but goes off course with alarming regularity. Its achievement is never once and for all but requires continual renewal, and is dependent upon how well any two lovers can understand, work through and disentangle the webs of mutual projections and false imputations imposed upon each other. We bring, like ‘a malignant dowry’ (Pickering, 2005), defensive patterns of relating based on traumatic childhood experience which we superimpose upon a new relationship, giving rise to entangled unconscious interlocking scenes. Here both individual analysis and couple therapy can inspire and enhance the capacity to love well and to become fully ourselves in a process of transformation in love.

Judith Pickering, PhD, is a psychoanalytic couple therapist, Jungian analyst and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice in East Sydney. She is Vice President of The Australian and New Zealand Association of Jungian Analysts and a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. She is a senior supervisor on the training faculty of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy. She holds tertiary qualifications in Humanities, Asian Studies, Musicology, Music Education, Psychotherapy, Analytical Psychology and Psychology and lectures widely in the area of couple therapy and psychoanalysis.

Preceding the lecture, at 7:00 pm, will be the:

Perth Book Launch and Sale

Being in Love: Therapeutic Pathways Through Psychological Obstacles to Love by Judith Pickering

One thought on “25th September 2009: Being in Love – Lecture

  1. Dear Judith, We met at the TCCR London last year. Impressed with your lecture there I bought your book. Just wanted you to know that I find it more useful, helpful, well written, well structured than any other couple psychotherapy book to date. I like very much your use of mythology to illustrate your points which brings them down from the esoteric to the accessible. Were I still teaching your book would be my prime tool and recommended to all of my students.

    Thank you for it. I feel it was waiting to be written and you have done it superbly.


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